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April    17,    2011      /       BBC  News
World  Bank  President:   "1  Shock  Away  from
full-blown  global  Crisis"

Added in this section:     Crashing Global Economy
April    22,    2011     /     UPI   News           
Israel  President  Peres:      "Israel  Must  Offer  Own  Mid-East   Peace  Plan"   /   Pres Shimon Peres

Added in this section:       NEWS /  Mideast Peace 
April    25,    2011     /     Fox   News           
IMF  Predicts:    America's Economic Dominance
to  End   -   China  to  Surpass  USA  by  2016

Added in this section:     Crashing Global Economy 
April    27,    2011     /     Fox   News           
Tornadoes  Slam  USA   --   Deadliest  Twisters
in   4   Decades           [ 2nd Deadliest in  U.S. history ]

Added in this section:            Global Birth Pangs 
May    1,    2011     /     UPI   News           
Benedict XVI   elevates   J.  Paul  II   One  Step  Closer   to  Sainthood     [ global  audience ]

Added in this section:     Papacy Shocking Facts
May    2,    2011     /     News   Daily           
Pres  George W. Bush  calls  Bin Laden  death     a   "momentus  achievement"

Added in this section:                  W W 3   boiling
May    6,    2011     /     Newsbusters           
U.S.   Unemployment   jumps  back  UP   to   9%
[  27  months  over  8%  ]

Added in this section:    Crashing Global Economy
May    9,    2011     /     Zenit  News           
Benedict  XVI    Appoints   Jewish   Priest   as
"judge"   in    Vatican  -  Israel   Relations

Added in these sections:            Mideast Peace
Vatican  Relations  with  Israel
May    13,    2011     /     JTA  News           
Benedict  XVI   Renews  Commitment  to  Jew-
ish   Dialogue

Added in this section:                  Mideast Peace
May    15,    2011     /     Reuters  News           
ISRAEL   -   PALESTINIAN   Violence  Erupts  on  Israel's  borders

Added in these sections:   Jerusalem:  Final Hot Spot
&   W W 3   boiling
May    17,    2011     /     Huffington  Post           
Solar  Storms  could  have  "potentially  devas-
tating   effects"   globally   -   to  peak  in  2013

Added in this section:    Signs in Sun, Moon, Stars
May    19,    2011     /     Reuters  News          
Obama  Endorses  Palestinians  --  Tells  Israel 
to  Re-Draw   its  borders  to  include  Arabs

Added in this section:    Jerusalem:  Final Hot Spot
May    20,    2011     /     Fox  News          
ISRAEL  PM   Netanyahu  emphatically   rejects
Obama  demand  yesterday  for  a   Palestinian state  within  Israel

Added in this section:                  W W 3   boiling
May    24,    2011         
AMERICA'S  FUTURE   -   Like   "Job"  

Added in these sections:          America's Future
&   All   Prophecies