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January    30,   2011    /    Zenit  News             
BENEDICT  XVI   Wants  Concrete  Projects  for 
Mideast   Holy   Land   Peace

Added in this section:     NEWS /  Mideast Peace
Feb    3,   2011    /    Breitbart  News             
World  Food  Prices  Hit   RECORD  HIGH   -   no 
end  in  sight

Added in these sections:    Skyrocketing World Prices
and     All  Prophecies
Feb    13,    2011    /    YNET
LIBYA  Leader  Gaddafi   tells  Palestinians  to  Revolt  against   ISRAEL   [calls for  Palestinians 
to  amass  on  Israel's  borders]

Added in this section:         W W 3   boiling
Feb    14,    2011    /    Fox  News
Israel  PM  Netanyahu:     "Arab  World  under-
going   an  earthquake"

Added in this section:         W W 3   boiling
Feb    14,    2011    /    Wall  Street  Journal
Mideast  Unrest  Spreads  across  Arab  world
[ to   Iran,   BahrainLibya  and  others ]

Added in this section:         W W 3   boiling
Feb    22,    2011    /    Fox  News
European  Union  Urges   Israel   to   Resume   Mid-East   Peace  Talks   w/  Palestinians

Added in this section:            EU  in  End Times
February    24,    2011    /    Fox  News
2nd  Syrian  Nuclear  Site  Found
[  Syrian  Pres.  Rejects  Inspections  ]

Added in this section:         Syria  in  End Times
February    28,    2011    /    VIS  News
Benedict  XVI    Receives  Pres.  of   European Union  Parliament    [  Discussions   RE:   Relations   and   Contributions   of    Papacy  to   EU  ]

Added in this section:       News / False  Prophet
March    11,    2011    /    Fox  News
Japan  8.9  Magnitude  Earthquake  Unleashes
Massive  Tsunami  -    [  1  of  Worst  Disasters  in
World  History  ]

Added in these sections:      Global  Birth  Pangs
and  Tsunamis - End Times  /  Earthquakes - End times
March   13,    2011    /     Haaretz  News             
Israel   Must   Advance  Mideast   Peace  Talks  
or   face   a   "Diplomatic  Tsunami"       [ Israel's
Defense  Minister ]

Added in this section:      ISRAEL  in  End  Times
March    16,    2011    /     Reuters             
European  Union   wants  USA   Internet  Users 
to  Comply  with  New  EU  Laws     [ie. Facebook]

Added in this section:        1-World  Government
March    19,    2011    /     CBS  News             
Israel   Planes  hit  Gaza,   Response  to  major
Palestinian  mortar  attack  upon  Israel
[  raising  prospect  of  new  Mideast  flareup  ]

Added in this section:                  W W 3   boiling
and     Jerusalem:    Final Hot Spot
March    25,    2011    /     YNET  News             
ISRAEL   ready  to  react    "with  great  force" /
Prime  Minister  Netanyahu

Added in this section:                  W W 3   boiling
and     Jerusalem:    Final Hot Spot
March    30,    2011    /     YNET  News             
UN  Chief:    "Divide Jerusalem"
[  Find   "arrangements  for  Holy  Sites  acceptable
for  all." 

Added in this section:         coming   3rd  Temple
and     Jerusalem:    Final Hot Spot
April    1,    2011     /      Asia  News       [  J. Post  ]     
Top   VATICAN  -  JEWISH   Delegates   Meet
[  Express  hope   for   "speedy  ratifying  of  a 
Bi-Lateral  Agreemt"     w/   Vatican - Israel  ]

Added in this section:    Vatican-Israel  Relations
April    5,    2011     /      YNET  News          
Israel   Rabbi   calls   for   Animal   Sacrifice  on
Temple  Mount

Added in this section:          coming  3rd  Temple
April    14,    2011      /       EU  Observer  News
International   Body   Endorses   Palestine  Readiness  for  Statehood
[ EU,  USA,   Israel,  Canada,  Norway,  Russia,   
4   Arab  Nations,  World  Bank   &   IMF ]

Added in this section:       EU  in  End  Times