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Signing of Mideast Peace plan by  antichrist  (Daniel  9:27;  11:21)
                 [ Rev. 6:1 - 20:3 ]
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11;    Acts 1:11;  John 14:3)
3  1/2  years
1000 year  millienium reign of Christ on earth     (Rev.20:6) >>>
Jesus  said   that  just  before  the   7 year   Tribulation  begins,   one  of  the many  signs  of   His  nearness   will  be "earthquakes"   in    various   places.
He    called    them   "birth pangs". (Math.24:7,8).

Their   obvious   effects  &  increase  of occurances   will  be  clear  signals   as to   the   nearness   of   Christ's   return &  of   the   beginning   of   the   7  year Tribulation  period.

October  2005   /   MSNBC NEWS:
7.6  earthquake:    1  of  deadliest  in  history   
Rare  earthquake  shakes  Gulf  of  Mexico
September  11,  2006   /   News
Global  Earthquakes   /
"Birth pangs"    Today...
"....will deliver the world into the Tribulation..."
God's Word says:
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March   14,   2011  / AU  News

LIVE  Updates:
JAPAN   9.0  Mag. Earthquake ---
Tsunami  Disaster

Japan's  Worst
Disaster  in  history

10,000 +   feared

Nuclear  Meltdown
August    23,   2011     /       NZ  News
Once-a-Century  Earthquake  Rattles  U.S.   East
Coast        ( Largest  since  1897 )

[   Pentagon,  White House,  Capitol Buildings  Evacuated   ]

ALSO  in this section:       USA/Global  Birth Pangs
March   11,   2011    /    Fox  News
Japan   8.9   Earthquake   Unleashes   Massive
Tsunami        [  Largest  Earthquake  in  Japan  history  -  rocks  Japan  /   1  of   Largest  Quakes  in  world  history  ]
"birth pangs"   like  earth- quakes   &   hurricanes...
will  deliver  the  world  
into the   Tribulation....
Psalm 104:32
"God   looks  at   the  earth,  &   it   trembles..."

Psalm  18:7
"Then  the   earth  shook  &  trembled,  the  foundation  of  the  hills   also  quaked  &  were  shaken,  because  God  was  angry."

Isaiah  24:20
"The   earth  shall reel   to  &  from  like  a   drunkard,  &  totter  like   a  hut;   its  transgression  shall  be  heavy  on  it,  &   it  will  fall,  &   not  rise  again."

Isaiah  29:6
"You  shall   be  punished  by   the  Lord  of  hosts  with   thunder  &   earthquake  &  great  noise,   with  storm  &  tempest  &  the  flame   of  devouring  fire."
Prophetic word  re:   Aug  23rd  Earthquake >>