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Signing of Mideast Peace plan by  antichrist  (Daniel  9:27;  11:21)
                  [ Rev. 6:1 - 20:3 ]
Great  Tribulation
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11;    Acts 1:11;  John 14:3)
3  1/2  years
1000 year  millienium reign of Christ on earth       (Rev.20:6) >>>>
3  1/2  years
The  Bible  says  that  just  before   the  7  year  Tribulation   begins,   one   of  the  many  signs  of  His  nearness  will  be    worldwide     "perplexity  at   the  roaring  of  the  sea  &  the  waves..."
(Luke 21:25). This  is  occurring  today.

This   refers   to   both    hurricanes   &  tsunamis   that    will   be    substantially increased    in   the   last    generation. 
Their    obvious   catastrophic    effects will    be    greater   than    any    others in    history.     They   willl   be   so    im- pacting     that    even    the    so-called experts    will     be     "perplexed"    & bewildered    at     their    magnitudes. 
NEWS:     "Tsunami  among  world's  worst" /  (British Broadcasting company / 2004)
"birth pangs"  like  tsunamis &  hurricanes.... will deliver  world  into  the  tribulation.... (Math.24:7-9)                >>>>>
CBS NEWS:     Hurricanes  in  Florida  /  USA  recovery  plans  on  scale  never  seen  before  /   Sept  2004
Hurricane Katrina:   WORST  disaster   in  USA  history   /    2005
USA Today News:    Hurricane Katrina:    Most  destructive   in  USA   history    /    Sept  2005
USA Today News:     List   of  some  of WORST  hurricanes  worldwide
Of   various  natural  disasters   like   hurricanes  &   tsunamis  that   would  occur  in  the  End Times  Jesus  said,   "But  all  these  things  are  merely  the  beginning  of  birth  pangs.."
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"Birth pangs"   Today...
"....will deliver the world into the Tribulation..."
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Current  live  tracking   /
Current  live  tracking   /
LIVE   -   Real Time   -   Satellite Pictures  of  Current   Hurricanes
Hurricane Gustav / Sept  1,  2008  /
Fox  News
Pic:  Sept 3, 2008
March   11,   2011    /    Fox  News
Japan   8.9   Earthquake   Unleashes   Massive
Tsunami        [  Largest  Earthquake  in  Japan  history  -  rocks  Japan  /   1  of   Largest  Quakes  in  world  history  ]
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Aug  14,  2011   /   NY Daily  News
Worst  Rains  -   Flooding  in  116  Years   in   New York
Aug  23,  2011  /   NZ  News
Once-a-Century  5.8  Earthquake  Rattles  East  Coast   (Worst since 1897)

Aug  24,  2011  /  CNN  News  /  photos
Washington  Monument Damaged  from  Rare 5.8  Earthquake 

New York,  E. Coast, Washington DC  / NEWS :
Aug  28,  2011  /  News
New York  &  E.  Coast
2011  - Hurricane  IRENE