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May  9,  2012
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Feb  25, 2012
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Feb   25,   2012     /    newest  YouTube  Video        
'God:   the humblest Father'   /   (God  is  able
and,  yes,  He  is willing  right now with  your  miracle)

Added in this section:       Ministry Schedule
March    4,    2012     /     UPI  News        
Israel's   Netanyahu   to  give  Iran  Ultima-
tum   [ Israel  estimates  6-9  months  left  until 
Iran's  nuclear  facilities  are  protected  ]

Added in this section:         W W 3 ...boiling
March    7,    2012     /     CNS  News        
FBI  Director:   Terrorists  may  be  eyeing
full-scale  Cyber  Attacks  on  USA

Added in this section:      Mark of the Beast
March   12,   2012    /     Israel  Nat'l  News        
QUARTET  ( EU, USA, U.N., Russia )  to  Meet,
Discuss   stalled  Mideast  Peace  Process

Added in this section:         EU / End Times
March   19,   2012    /     RT  News        
SWIFT  Reaction:    IRAN   "will  retaliate" 
by  closing  Strait  of  Hormuz

Added in this section:        Iran / End Times
March   27,   2012    /     Free  Beacon        
Obama   &   U.S.   State   Dept.   officially
Refuse  to   Identify   Jerusalem  as  Israel's

Added in this section:    Demise of America
March   29,   2012    /    Israel  Nat'l  News        
Israel   buys  airfield  on  Iran's   northern
border        (  as  possible  war-ready  Air 
Force's   refueling  site  )

Added in this section:        WW3.... boiling
April   3,   2012    /    Jewish  Press        
Jerusalem  Jews  Unite  in  Slaughter  of
Goat,   Preparing   for  Passover   &    Re-
built    3rd  Temple

Added in this section:   coming  3rd  Temple
March   29,   2012    /    Haaretz  News        
ISRAEL'S  Plan  to  attack  Iran  suddenly
PUT  ON  HOLD    (  until  at  least  spring 
of  2013  )

Added in these sections:        WW3... boiling
and    2012  Ahead...
April   15,   2012      
With  every  battering  BIRTH PANG  upon
America  and  the  nations,   the  voice  of
the  Lord  says .....      prophetic word

Added in this section:   Heisnear  Prophecies
April   7,   2012    /      
ObamaCare  Requires    RFID  CHIP  Implan-
ted   in  Every  American  by  March  2013

Added in this section:     Mark of  the Beast
April   15,   2012    /   Times of Israel News     
ISRAEL  Air  Force  gearing  up  for  IRAN
attack,     moment  of  truth  is  near   --- 
Israel  TV  Report  shows

Added in this section:       W W 3 ....boiling
April   20,   2012    /    Free Republic News   
Obama  State  DEPT   set  to  GIVE  AWAY
OIL-RICH   Alaskan  Islands   to   RUSSIA
containing  billions  of  barrels  of  OIL 

Added in this section:     Demise of America
April   20,   2012    /    EU  Observer  News   
Euro   Ministers   ponder  creation  of   EU 
"Super President"    to   "streamline"   EU 

Added in these sections:      1-World GOVT
and    News / False Prophet
April   30,   2012    /      Belfast  Telegraph  
Vatican  'accepted  1 BIL in  lyre'  to  bury
Mob  Boss   next  to  former  Popes   under-
neath   Vatican      [  in  lingering  murder
mystery  ]

Added in this section:         the Great Harlot
May   9,   2012    /      Fox  News  
Obama  Announces  his  Support  for Gay
Marriage  ---   1st  President  Ever

Added in this section:    Demise of America
EXCLUSIVE   -    W.  Europe  ready  for  ANTICHRIST
March   15,   2012      /         You  Tube  Video        
ANTICHRIST  seated  in  Jewish  Temple -
Photo  ID'd                 EXCLUSIVE

Added in this section:     Abomination of Desolation
April   5,   2012    /    NPR  News        
VATICAN,  ISRAEL  spar  over  Ownership
Rights  to  Key  Holy  Land  Site   [ current  negotiations   "at  a  critical  moment"   --  Final  Agreement  as  early  as  JUNE  2012  ]

Added in these sections:         Mideast Peace
and     VATICAN  Relations  with  ISRAEL