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The  WORD  of  the  Lord  to  AMERICA'S   Prime Religious   TV    Broadcasters   and    End  Time Ministers  &  Ministries

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Jesus'  prophecy  for  End  Time  Ministers

Jesus'   words   foretell   of   2   distinct   profiles   of   End Time  ministers.    One  group  pleases  God  &   the  other does  not,    being   Ministers   who   FAIL   God's   charge.
America's  Religious  TV  airwaves  &   Church  pulpits  are filled    with    the    2nd   group   of    FAILING   MINISTERS.

The   FIRST   group   profiles    a   true  Minister    who   is "faithful"   to  God   AND   to  the  charge  given  to  him  to oversee   and   feed   the   Lord's   people.   Of  these  the Lord   said:

"Who then is the faithful and sensible slave whom his Master put in charge of His household to GIVE THEM THEIR FOOD AT THE PROPER TIME?   BLESSED  is  that slave whom  his Master finds so doing when  He comes."  (Matthew 24:45,46)

(v 47)     "....Truly  I  say to you,  that  He will  put  him  in charge  of  all  His  possessions."

On the other hand,  the  Lord  had alarming words for the SECOND  PROFILE  of  End  Time  Ministers.    These  were SLOTHFUL  and  NEGLECTFUL  End  Time  Ministers   "in charge  of  His  household".    He named  them  as  "evil".  
These  are  End  Time  ministers  who  DO  NOT  give  His children   "their   food",    NOR     "at   the  proper  time". (V 45).        Of  these  He  said:

(V 48)   "But if that evil slave says in his heart,  'My Master is not coming for a long time' ..and begins to beat his fellow  slaves  and  eat  and  drink  with  drunkards,

(V 50)    then the Master of that slave will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour which he does not know; and shall cut him in pieces, and will assign him a place with the hypocrites; weeping shall be there and the gnashing of teeth."     (Matt 24:48-51).

America's   BLIND,   WORLDLY  GUIDES   are serving   themselves,    NOT   God's  children

Many (MOST) of America's TV Ministries, popularized Church Leaders,  so-called  'prophets',  BLIND  SELF-SENT 'Watchmen' and UnChristlike Ministers today STILL NEGLECT the body of Christ by NOT "giving God's children  THEIR  FOOD".     (Matt 24:45)     

This   is   a   tangible   fact   seen/heard   daily   with   an onslaught  of  empty   sermons,   ear-tickling   messages &   elementary   teachings.    (Heb 6:1) 

Why?   They're too busy promoting & serving themselves & loving the applause & recognition of men rather than serving   God   AND   serving  His  people  as   #1  priority.

They   have   what   I   call    a    "Which  camera  is  on  me now?"    mindset.

Imagine, children hungering for food but the ones put in charge of  the  food   ( the  "evil slave"  being  the  End Time  Ministers  in  Jesus'  words )    NOT  "giving  it  to them"    and   witholding   it   from   them.

This  is  EXACTLY  what   is   occurring   with  America's  TV Ministers   (TBN, Daystar, Atlanta 57, etc),   Church  Pastors, popularized   religious   speakers/authors   and   so-called 'prophets  &  apostles'    today.      (LINKS  below)

They   dish   out   only   shallow    words  &   empty   proph- ecies   to   a   thirsting   body   of   Christ    who   hungers for  the  deeper  things  of  God.     But,   God's  children leave   empty-handed   every   time,   having  heard   a 'speaker'   only,   with   no  signs  or  miracles   or  demon- trations  of  power  whatsoever  following  America's flashy   celebrity   preachers.

In   fact,    any   'minister'   who  does  not   have  the   true Gifts  of  the  Spirit   operating   with  demonstrations   of power   in    his/her    'ministry'    is  nothing   more   than  a    'religious  speaker',    AT   BEST.


What  could  be  WORSE   in    "not  giving  His  household their  food"   than   witholding  it   at   the  very   'time' when   they   need   it   the   most ?

This  is  precisely   why  the  Lord  labeled  these  self-serving   End  Time   Ministers   as   "evil".

NOW !   IS  THE  EXACT   "PROPER TIME"   to "GIVE"  God's children   their food.     Yet,   today's   ministers  are STUCK  in   the  shallow,   ear-tickling  &  elementary things  of   God's  Word   (Heb 6:1)   and   to  His   people's harm.

Jesus'   Words  to 'GIVE  THEM  THEIR  FOOD  AT  THE PROPER  TIME"     COULD   NOT   BE   MORE   RELEVANT AND  URGENT   TO  ANY  GENERATION'S   5-Fold   MINI- STERS    than   to   this  generation,    right  now.

This  is clear  in  view  of  the  TANGIBLE  Nearness of Christ  and  "seeing ALL these things"  (Matt 24:33)  lined up  on   the   world's   stage   today   and   as   pinpointed at   Heisnear.com.

Yet America's  Religious Broadcasters  (TBN/ Daystar/ Atlanta 57)   STILL  fill  the  airwaves  with  RELIGIOUS FOLLY,   false   prophecies,   false  prophets   and unqualified   ministers  who  are  not   'tested   nor  above reproach'   which,   according  to  Apostle  Paul,    makes them   unqualified  to   serve  even   as  a   "Deacon", much  less    as   a   5-Fold   overseer  of  God's  people. (1Timothy  3:10).      (LINK  below:   Bulls-eye Profile of true Leaders)

Like  the  Laodicean  Church,   America's  top  TV   Reli- gious   Networks  &  exalted  TV  Ministers   have   all   but THROWN  OUT  the  true  PROPHETIC  WORD  OF  THE LORD    for   His   people    AND   for   America    in   today's crucial   End  Times.     

WHY?    Because  when   the   Laodiceans  pushed  Jesus out,   they   ALSO  pushed   out   'prophecy'   too,   having pushed   out   the   prime   prophet   Himself:      Jesus !     (Rev 3:14-20)


Today's   money-changing  Ministers  &  Religious  TV platforms  themselves   are   responsible   for   keeping God's   children   in   AMERICA   in    the   current    LUKE-  WARM    state   over   the   last   20   years  or  so,   having created   it   in   the   first   place.

In  the  days  ahead,   more  "tables  will  be  turned  over" by  the  Lord  of   money-changing   Ministers  who  fleece God's   people  and    serve  themselves  while   living   in sin.

It will take great humility on the part of today's top Religious  Broadcasters  (TBN, Daystar, etc),   popularized Ministers,  exalted  "prophecy"  authors   and   self-sent 'prophets,   apostles,   bishops   and   Reverends'   to recognize  AND   then  also  admit   their   many   errors  in teachings  &  false  prophecies   which  have   led   God's people   into   slop-Christianity   &    its   obvious  LUKE- WARM   state   in   America   and   around   the   world.


UNLESS  top  Religious  TV   Broadcasters  &   popularized TV   Ministers   hear   God's   true  voice   &   prophetic Word   at   THIS  CRUCIAL  TIME,    then   part   of   America  today   (being their audience)   will remain  EXACTLY  LIKE the   Laodicean  born  again   believers   who   had PUSHED  JESUS  ALL  THE  WAY  OUTSIDE   of   His  own church.       (*Laodicea  America  LINK  below).   

To  some  degree  in  America,   this   is  definitely  coming &   foretold   by   the   Lord   in    the   parable   of    the 'ten  virgins'.   (Matt 25:1,2).       These   worldly   believers are   those  who   'went  away'    back   into   the   world  at "midnight",    named  as   "foolish  virgins".   (Matt 25:6,10)

But,   according  to  Jesus,   the  BLIND   Laodiceans' FIRST   requirement   to   GET  BACK  ON   TRACK   was   to "HEAR MY  VOICE".    (Rev 3:20).         This   requires   true humility  to   'hear'   and/or    to    'see'    the   truth   of God's   Word.     

But,  just   "hearing"   God's  Word   is   not   enough   by  itself.     It  requires  ACTION   &   abiding   in,   continually.

Secondly,    they  were   ALSO   REQUIRED   to   'OPEN  THE DOOR'    and   invite   Him  back  in.      (Rev 3:20)   

BOTH  of  these  actions  together   (Hearing  His  Voice PLUS    humbly  OPENING  THE  DOOR  AND   Inviting   Him in)   from   a   heart  of  HUMILITY,   will   ALWAYS   cause the   Lord   to   IMMEDIATELY   RESPOND.

THIS  IS  EXACTLY   what  the  Spirit  of  God  is  saying  to  AMERICA  RIGHT  NOW,    in   this  divine  order  of   steps: 1)   Hear  My  voice,    2)   then  OPEN  the  DOOR   and INVITE   ME   BACK  IN. 

God's  VOICE   to  His  True   End  Time  5-Fold Ministers  TODAY     ( apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors,  teachers  /  Ephesians 4:12 )

RIGHT NOW,  God  is calling  His  true  born  again  Spirit-filled   servants/Ministers   "who  KNOW  THEIR  GOD,  to display  strength  and  DO  MIGHTY  EXPLOITS"   (Dan 11:32)    to  His  glory;    and   to   MAKE  CHRIST  KNOWN  !!

...while  ALSO:    "Providing  understanding  to  the  many" (Dan 11:33)   regarding  Crucial  End  Time  truths   ("their food")  required for God's HUNGRY and thirsting HOUSEHOLD   of  children   AT  THIS  CRITIICAL  TIME.

WHY?    IN  ORDER  TO  EQUIP  them   (Eph 4:12)   and   TO READY  His  people  into  UNITY  &  Maturity   (Eph 4:12)   & HOLINESS  towards  His  coming,  being  WITHOUT  ANY SPOT  OR   ANY   WRINKLE   in   the  garments   which   He has  graciously  &  lovingly   clothed   us  with.   (Eph  5:27)


Those  Ministers  (and  ALL  BELIEVERS)    who...  "have not  soiled  their  garments   will   walk  with  Me  in  white; for  they  are  worthy."    (the  Lord Jesus Christ / Rev 3:4)