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The  Vatican's recently-minted   Papal  coinage showing Benedict XVI's  picture  has  now been  introduced   into  circulation  as  currency within  the  European  Union.   This  legalized agreement  between  the  Vatican  and   the European  Union did  not  get  much  media or TV  attention  in  2010  at  all.             [ News  > ]    
However,  the  End Time  significance  of  this  is right on time  in God's divine  timeclock  as this generation  draws up-close and personal to the  very 'start'  of  the  final  7  Year  Tribu- lation.

Why?    Because  both  Daniel  and   the  book of  Revelation  specifically  identify   the final western   Euro-kingdom   (today's EU)   based in  ROME   and  coupled  with   its   False Prophet   (Papacy / Vatican/ Antichrist)   as  so dominating   the   'start'   of   the   Tribulaton, that   even   the    world's   economic  currency standard   will   be   represented   and/or   meas- ured   in   ROMAN  COINAGE.     Obviously,  the EU's  current    'euro-dollar'   is  in  place   right now   for   this   to  happen.

This  is  identified  specifically  in   the   book  of  Revelation  in   Chapter  6:6    which  uses   the term  'denarius'   (Greek: 1st Century  'Roman coinage').    Again,  Rev 6:6   clearly   shows Roman  currency  to  be  the  'standard'   just after   the   'start'   of  the   7  Year Tribulation.

In  fact,  TODAY'S  GLOBAL  economic  disaster mostly  MATCHES   the   Bible's   foretold   End  Time   scenario   for   the   'start'   of   the   final  7  Year  Tribulation,   confirming  this  genera- tion's   nearness   RIGHT  NOW   to   enter   into  it.   At  the  'start',   the  global  economy  is  shown  by  Revelation  to  have  collapsed  so  badly  that  it  costs  a  day's  wage  (a  "denarius" / Rev 6:6)   to  purchase  a   loaf   of  bread.   Again,  today's  scenario  has  speeded  up   close  to   this   imminent   Bible   prophecy.

Alsosince Mid-Sept 2008's  sudden  eco- nomic  DOWNTURN globally, America  itself has  also  begun  QUICKLY  (under President Obama's destructive adminstration)  aligning itself  economically  and  governmentally  with the  EU's fast-rising  1-world  socialistic Government   mindset   and   Economic   clout.   
To  re-emphasize,  this  ENTIRE  scenario  is foretold   of  TODAY'S   End  Time   generation and  highlights  emphatically  how  very  near today's  world  is  to   the  'start'  of   the  7 Year  Tribulation.    

The   Vatican's  Papal  coinage  is  another confirmation  today  of  the   readiness  for   the Pope's global  popularity  to  soar  within  the EU and  globally,  as  foretold  for   the   'start' of  the  Tribulation.    This  is  all  symbolized  in the  False  Prophet's  initial  appearance  as  a 'rider on a white horse'   at  the  beginning  of the  Tribulation.    (Rev 6:1,2).   

ALL  of   what   is   detailed   here   fits   perfectly with   ALL  other  End Time  prophecies  which  are  fully  spring-loaded  for  fulfillment  in  THIS  generation,   as   shown  at   Heisnear.com.

However,  once  the  Tribulation  begins,   then  the  continually-collapsing  world  economy  and  dire  state   will  worsen   greater  than  at  any  other  time  in  world  history. 

This  will  prepare  the  way  for   the  Mid-point  of   the    7  year   period   for  ALL   currency,  including  the Papal  coinage,   to quickly   be  dropped  in  exchange  for  the  foretold   final  1-World   'mark'    by  which  to   'buy or sell'  at  every  level  of  global  society.  

It  will   be  introduced  by   the   False  Prophet himself   [Papacy/Antichrist]   as  a  wonderful moral  concept  to  ensure  no  one  goes hungry  and  will  be  fully  backed  by his  own kingdom,   the dominating  EU.     (Rev 13:16,17) 

Soberingly,  this  is  PRECISELY  in  process RIGHT  NOW  as  Heisnear.com  pinpoints scripturally  and   with  Headlines   which   over- whelmingly  match-confirm  ALL  Bible  pro- phecies   as  ready   for   fulfillment.

This  includes  the Papacy's  role  as  the False Prophet   who   Revelation   designates  as  the  sole  world  icon  who  has  FULL CONTROL   of  the  world   and   even   his   own supportive  EU  saying,  he   'exercises  ALL  the authority'   of  the   'first beast',    his  final EU   beastly   kingdom.      (Rev 13:12).

Since today's  spiralling-down  global  eco- nomy   has  now   got   ALL  World   Leaders, including  the  Papacy,  to  clamor  about  to  find  the  global  solution  economically,  then the  stage  is   set   now  not  only   for   the  'start' of  the  Tribulation,  but  also  confirms  the  reality  that  the  actual  'mark'  of  the  beast  could  be  as  little   as  3  1/2  years  away  from  being  fulfilled.   This  is now  coming  quickly  to  today's   generation.
ROMAN  coinage   at  the  'start'   of  the  Tribulation

Headline  News:
  July  23,  2010

Vatican  begins circulating  Euro Coins  featuring Pope Benedict

[ Vatican forges Agreement with  European Union/ December 2009 ]
Euro Dollar
Rev 6:6   >    'a quart of wheat for a denarius'   symbolizes today's  fast-rising  European  standard of currency at  the  very 'start' of  the Tribulation;   It also shows  Economic  Collapse  at  the  'start' of  the  Tribulation since  a  loaf  of  bread  (quart of wheat)  will cost  a  "denarius",  the first century  equivalent  to  a  day's  wage.   *News / happening today >
Mideast  Peace  Plan    by  Antichrist   (Daniel       9:27;  11:21)
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