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Dec   28,   2009     /     Haaretz  News
Israel:     the  Time  is  Ripe  for  Mideast  Peace  Talks
[  "The  time  for  excuses  is  over.    It  is  time  to  take  action. " /  Netanyahu  ]

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Jewish  Journal  News:      Jan   12,   2010
Pope  Benedict  XVI   Calls  for  Two-State  Solution
[   " I   call   for   a    universal   recognition  of   the   right  of   the   State  of  Israel   to  exist   and   to   enjoy   peace  and   security   within  internationally  recognized   borders."   ]

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C  News  Agency    /   January   6,   2010
Benedict  XVI's   Visit  to  Rome  Synagogue  Confirmed   for   January  17th,  2010

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Jan  11,  2010   /    Abomination of Desolation   (page created, added)
Jan   5,   2010    /    Ministers,   Church  Pastors  in  America who  are  in  Debt  in  2010     /    prophecy 

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Dec   28,   2009    /     2010  Ahead:     Next  End  Time  Events, America's  Future     /    prophecy

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Nov   5,   2009    /    Today's  False  Prophets  and  the 
Elijah  List     /     Prophecy

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December   25,   2009     /    Israel  National  News
Model of  Altar  Built by  Israel  Institute:      "....We  really want  a  Temple ...."

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Voice  of  America  News     /     Dec   8,   2009
European Union:       "Jerusalem  Should  Be  Shared  Capital"
[   "EU  Ministers  Call   on   Israeli's   and   Palestinians  to  Revive  Peace  Talks"    ]

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Haaretz  News    /    January   17,   2010
Benedict  XVI   Arrives  at   ROME's  Main  Synagogue

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Jan   30,   2010    /    Reuters  News
Libya,   Russia   Agree  to   $1.3  Bil   Arms  Deal   -   Vladmir  Putin

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Feb   27,   2010    /    Fox   News
Earthquake:    8.8-  Magnitude  Catastrophe  in  Chile  [  over 500 times more powerful than Haiti's  ]

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March    4,   2010    /     Haaretz   News
ROME   Officials  Plan  Meeting  with   Israel's  Shimon  Peres   and   Palestinian  Authority's   Abbas  
[  Talks  held   in  ROME,    starting   this   April   2010,   'would  launch   new    International   drive   for   Peace'       in  the 
Middle  East  ]

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March   12,   2010    
End  Time  Anointed  Ministers  Coming    /    prophecy 

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March   18,   2010    /     Israel  National  News   
Temple  Institute  Petitions  Israel's  Supreme  Court 
to  Offer  a  sheep  for  Passover  Sacrifice   

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March   28,   2010    /    CNA   News
Benedict  XVI   Calls  for  Peace  in  Jerusalem  
[  Jerusalem   "  the  promise  of  that  universal  recon-
ciliation  that  God  deisres  for  the  entire  human  family."  ]

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April    9,    2010    /    Jerusalem  Post  News 
New  Pact   (between  Israel  and  Italy)   Aims  to  Boost  Ties
with  the  Vatican    [ Israel's  new  bond  with  Italy   "could 
serve  as   a   springboard   for  improved  relations  with  the  Vatican ..."  ]

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April    29,    2010    /    Forbes  News 
European  Central  Bank  President    "Favors  Global Governance"        [ "....Global  Rules  should  be  equally 
effective  on  National  and  Local  levels."  ]

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May   11,   2010     /    Haaretz  News
Israel's  Defense  Minister  Barak  to  Knesset:    Israel  Must  Propose  its  Own   (Mideast)   Peace  Initiative

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May   22,   2010     /    Boston  News
Benedict  XVI   Calls  for  Ethics  in  World  Economy
[  calls for  solidarity  in  world's  financial  system  ] 

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News / False Prophet
June   6,   2010     /     Reuters  News
Benedict  XVI   says  Calm  Mideast  Tensions  Now     [  Makes    "personal  appeal  for....  International  Effort     to  Resolve  ongoing  tensions  in the  Mid-East  now..." ]

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June   15,   2010     /     Catholic  Culture  News
Vatican,   Israel   Close  to  Agreement ?    
[  Two  sides   "may  be  close  to  a  final  agreement ..."  ]

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June   21,   2010     /     Worthy  News
Benedict  XVI   Calls  for   "World  Political  Authority"
[   "There  is  urgent  need  of   a   true  World  Political  Authority......   to  manage  the  global  economy."   ]

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July   15,   2010
LAODICEAN  Church  in  America  and  the  Spirit  of  God's   Word   RE:   DEBT     /     prophecy

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August   7,   2010   /    Papacy's  Euro  Coinage  

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Aug   19,   2010     /     Haaretz  News
USA:     ISRAEL,   Palestinians   'very close'    to 
Direct  Mideast  Peace  Talks     

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Aug   31,   2010      /      Asian  News
Israel's   PERES   to   Visit   Pope  Benedict  XVI  
at   a    time  of   "serious"   Dialogue  between 
Peres:   "The  reigning  Pontiff   wishes  to  have 
a   sincere  dialogue   with   Israel,   as  we  wish  to  have   with  the  Vatican."   ]

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Sept    2,   2010      /      JTA  News
ROME:       Israel's  Peres   Visits  Benedict  XVI  
to  Talk  Mideast   Peace 
[  The  2   Leaders  hoped  that  long-stalled   nego-
tiations  on an  agreement  between the Vatican 
and   Israel   would   be  concluded  soon.  ]

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Sept    10,    2010     /      EWTN  News
ROME:     Benedict  XVI    Hopes  for  Increased 
Friendship  between  Catholics  and  Jews

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Sept    20,    2010     
Today's False Prophecy Teachers   /   prophecy

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Sept    28,    2010     /      Haaretz  News   
ISRAEL'S   Netanyahu:      "Israel,   Palestinians 
can  Reach  Mideast  Peace  in  a   year"

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